The new Group, with an overall turnover of 100 million, will be presented at Ibie 2019 in Las Vegas.

Flexibility, technical innovation, efficiency and a precise mission: listening to clients so as to offer customised and personalised solutions. Tecnopool TP Food Group, a new world leader in the food processing equipment and oven-baked product production lines started with this objective, made possible thanks to the integration of several companies with a strong international vocation, each with specific sector experience and all able to design and create systems and lines for the different food and oven-baked product preparation phases, both industrial and artisanal.

Tecnopool Spa, Gostol, Tecnofryer Slu, Mecateck Group Srl, Logiudice Forni Srl, Mimac Italia Srl are at the core of this new reality, with a turnover of more than 100 million euros, eight production units in four different countries, more than 500 employees, and with further expansion and personnel hiring already programmed for the next few months. Different realities are combined in the awareness that the best innovations are created only by uniting skills and intuition, that in an ever more global market the most ambitious challenges can only be beaten by staying together. The same pillars have characterised the growth of each company over the last decades: flexibility, reliability and efficiency, innovation, listening and paying attention to clients, all of which translate into the design and production of complete food preparation lines that adapt perfectly to the customer’s needs.

The values of the group consolidate in the important services it offers, for example its test room of 3,000 square metres where clients can make their own products using the group’s systems; the realisation of tailor-made solutions that halve bulk thanks to system flexibility, meaning that whole production lines can be inserted into reduced, critical spaces; the technology and materials used – only the most innovative and technologically advanced materials that can guarantee durability, high performance, easy maintenance and reduced consumption are selected.

The group name was a studied choice: Tp is the acronym formed from «Total processing», a synopsis that expresses a promise, a set of values that are intrinsic to the company. A strong, distinctive sign was built on the acronym, a symbol of the identity of the group that decided to present itself to the world market during Ibie 2019 in Las Vegas. Tp Food Group will be present with a complete line, from mixing to frying, for jelly doughnuts, designed purposely for the North and South American market, a perfect integration of the tailor-made machines created by Tecnopool Spa, Tecnofryer Slu and Logiudice Forni Srl.

“Tecnopool TP Food Group propels each company into a new dimension,” confirms Michela Lago, the CEO of the group, which also includes Xenon Private Equity VI as part of its capital. “From now on,” she adds, “we can supply our clients with an even wider range of technology to satisfy any production demand. This aggregation makes us all stronger and, in a large international expansion context, it means we can forecast optimal growth results.”

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