Always by our customers’ side: during the customised design stage and through our test room, where we allow customers to test the performance of our machines; we also provide after-sales services throughout the world, with our technicians being able to intervene immediately, either physically or remotely.

Customised design

We speak the same language as our customers, creating an exclusive relationship with each one of them.

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Test room

All of Tecnopool's systems are created after assessing, studying and testing the technological criteria of our customers’ products.

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No matter where in the world our customers may be, installation is carried out by our technicians, who represent the main point of reference for customers’ every need.

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Simplified maintenance

All Tecnopool systems are designed to make maintenance work easier allowing them to save time and money.

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After-sales service

Our technical support service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide on-site assistance within 24/48 hours of a problem being reported, guaranteeing an efficient and timely service based on the professional approach of our technicians.

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Our values