The freezing process extends the life of food products while maintaining nutritional and organoleptic values similar to fresh products. In the freezing cabinet, the food product is brought to extremely low temperatures, which can reach -40°C, in just a few minutes.

This process can be applied to a variety of products in a wide range of sectors including baked goods, ice cream, pasta, pizza, meat, fish, poultry, fruits and vegetable, and ready meals. Over the years, Tecnopool has gained specific know-how in the refrigeration industry, which has allowed it to develop spiral freezing systems to meet the needs of different customers and for different kinds of market.

Spiral Tunnel For Deep-Freezing
Tecnopool Freezing System


Spiral tunnel for deep-freezing of food industry

Bakery products
Pastry products
Fresh pasta
Ready meals
Fruit, vegetables
Meat, fish
Soups, sauces, condiments
Preserves, sweet spreads