In cooling, preserving the product’s characteristics in terms of both flavor and organoleptic features is important.

In the food industry, cooling is one of the most delicate thermal processes because it slows the development of bacteria in food products and makes it possible to increase the product’s shelf life while maintaining its nutritional and organoleptic values unaltered.

Thermal processing is used to cool the products and bring them to optimum temperature before the packaging stage. Thanks to the extensive experience gained in this sector, Tecnopool is able to design and install both ambient, tunnel and cabinet cooling spirals for baked goods and pastries, chicken, meat and fish, fruit and vegetables, dairy products and ready meals

Spiral Tunnel For Cooling
Tecnopool Spiral Cooling


Cooling tunnel for food industry

Bakery products
Pastry Products
Fresh pasta
Ready meals
Fruit, vegetables
Meat, fish
Soups, sauces, condiments
Preserves, sweet spreads