Proofing Spiral

Proofing Spiral

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Spiral proofing system

Our spiral proofing system enhances the natural leavening of bakery products prior to baking. The process takes place in an insulated stainless-steel Cabinet that allows to closely monitor the temperature and humidity. The quality and accuracy of the proofing treatment prevent the product from sticking to the resting surface, whether on the T-Wort conveyor belt, in pans or trays or on special supports. Therefore, the product will not suffer any mechanical changes of shape.

Thanks to its distinctive spiral configuration, the proofing system allows to make the most of the available space in height, thus reducing the machine’s footprint to a minimum and making it adaptable to the most constrained processing spaces. The T-Worth conveyor belt is entirely made of stainless steel, while the special drum-free construction system makes every part of the spiral easily reachable, enabling both easy maintenance and compliance with the strictest health and hygiene standards requested by the food industry.

Spiral proofing system Tecnopool

Rigorous temperature and humidity control within the climatic chamber using PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) systems.

The settings for proofing process can be adjusted according to the product, its qualities, the desired results and the specific environmental conditions.

The path of food products is continuous during thermal treatment thus avoiding any vibration that could damage the leavened product.

The T-Worth conveyor belt is suitable for both loose products and products in pans and containers.

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