Handling components

Handling components

Handling components

In addition to spiral systems for heat treating, Tecnopool can design, build and install conveyor belts to handle food products in all the stages of the production cycle, thus creating an entirely automated production process. The conveyor systems can be designed for any type of food product and can be tailored to the production needs and specifications of the customer.

We can also provide a wide range of auxiliary components, such as depanners, delidder, lidder, dividers, combiners, lifters, oven loaders, oven unloaders, toboga and curving belts to create a complete and efficient production line.

Pros of the conveyor belt
Steel and plastic
The combination of stainless steel and plastic sliding blocks allows to obtain high mechanical resistance and easy maintenance.
Retaining edges
Non-toxic plastic or stainless-steel retaining edges may also be installed.
Plastic or stainless-steel mesh
The belt is provided with steel bars to which a plastic or stainless-steel mesh is applied, depending on the type of product that has to be handled.

Curves and conveyor belts Tecnopool

Curves and conveyor belts

Curves and conveyor belts suitable for handling any food product.

Lifters Tecnopool


Handling system

Continuous vacuum depanner from Tecnopool

Continuous vacuum depanner

Vacuum depanners for removing food products from the pans in a continuous line.

Pick & Place vacuum depanner Tecnopool

Pick & Place vacuum depanner

Pick & Place vacuum depanner for removing food products from the pans and transferring them to a conveyor belt.

Pick & Place needle depanner Tecnopool

Pick & Place needle depanner

Pick & Place needle depanner for removing food products from the pans and transferring them to a conveyor belt.

Lidder Delidders Tecnopool

Lidder / Delidders

Automatic oven pan lidding and delidding system.

Dividers Combiners Tecnopool

Dividers / Combiners

Special conveyor systems used to divide or combine the product flow in continuous mode.

Oven loaders Oven unloaders Tecnopool

Oven loaders / Oven unloaders

Automatic loaders/unloaders for a broad range of food products to integrate with ovens of any size.

Toboga Tecnopool


Spiral chute in stainless steel that allows the descent of food products thanks to their weight without entailing damage.

Food industry

Bakery products
Pastry products
Frozen foods
Fresh pasta
Ready meals
Fruit, vegetables
Meat, fish
Soups, sauces, condiments
Preserves, sweet spreads
Pet food


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