Cooling spiral

Cooling spiral

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Spiral cooling system

We design and manufacture cooling spirals that can be adapted to any production space, with the aim of offering tailored solutions that guarantee high performance with both ambient cooling and cabinet cooling for food products.

Forced-air cabinet cooling is ideal to lower the temperature of hot incoming products in the shortest possible time. In addition, the insulation of the cabinet and the use of air filtering systems ensure compliance with the strictest hygiene standards demanded by the food industry.

The design of our solutions –ambient or cabinet cooling– is based on the specifications of the product to process. Our layouts ensure easy spiral access and facilitate washing and maintenance operations.


Our systems are engineered using a technology that provides long-lasting performance, reduces maintenance and, above all, generates the fewest possible downtimes.

Each part of the spiral is easily accessible to allow thorough sanitization and ensures that food is processed in accordance with the most rigorous hygiene standards.

The versatility of our spiral system allows to optimize even the smallest space and make the most of mezzanines, overhead and split-level decks to create further maintenance areas.

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Spiral Cooler

Forced-air Cabinet
Spiral Cooler

Washing systems

Tecnopool washing machine
Belt washing unit

Food industry

Bakery products
Pastry products
Fresh pasta
Ready meals
Fruit, vegetables
Meat, fish
Soups, sauces, condiments
Preserves, sweet spreads


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