Customer care

Each customer is followed personally by the technical department which assesses their specific production requirements and the amount of space available, before using 3D technology to create a bespoke design. This means that each company gets their own unique and customised equipment.
We also make our test room fully available to customers, giving them the chance to try out the quality of our machines and the real results that they can achieve for their products.

Also during the subsequent phases, customer care remains our priority: production/installation of the machinery and after-sales service. Our technicians are present all over the world, meaning we are always ready to promptly and professionally intervene.


Custom-made equipment for every customer. Right from when our company first began, customer care has always meant flexible expertise, i.e. a flexible design and production approach to create custom-made systems characterised by a high degree of innovation.

The great versatility of our systems is based on our T-Worth conveyor, which allows us to build equipment that’s suitable for any kind of heat treatment (from -40°C to +300°C), any amount of space available and any type of food product: from proofing to baking, from deep-freezing to cooling, right through to pasteurisation.


We invest 10% of our turnover in research and development, with the aim of guaranteeing technological advanced systems. Our research covers both technology and materials, both of which are fundamental for high levels of performance.

The prestige of the company is the spiral conveyor has therefore been continuously developed over the years, making it increasingly reliable.

Quality guarantee

Our quality control team monitors all phases of the machinery production process, right through to installation and testing, as each machine must be able to guarantee customers the highest possible levels of performance.