The creation of Tecnopool

From designing, to building, right through to installing machinery for the heat treatment and processing of food products. Right from the very beginning, we have always guaranteed our customers a complete service, acting as the only point of reference throughout all phases of the process, from -40°C to +300°C, as well as ensuring customized products to meet their specific needs.

Products based on cutting-edge technology, all thanks to the intuition and entrepreneurial skill of the company’s founder, Rag. Leopoldo Lago, the man who created the “Anaconda” patent, the versatile conveyor belt that can be used in all production processes for which food products require heat treatment. Since 1980, Tecnopool has never stopped evolving, thanks to its continuous investments in research and innovation, allowing us to come up with solutions that are always one step ahead of the competition, and thanks also to the team of professionals who have skilfully defined these technical solutions based on the specific requests of hundreds of clients all over the world.

Today and tomorrow

Cutting-edge technology, design skills and flexibility in implementation have always been our strengths and the keys to our success, taking our Made in Italy solutions abroad for all kinds of heat treatment: from make-up to deep-freezing and cooling, from pasteurisation to proofing and from handling to baking. Today, we have a global presence, with an 80% market share abroad.

A further step forward was taken in 2019 with the establishment of the TECNOPOOL TP FOOD GROUP, strongly desired by Tecnopool's CEO, Michela Lago. This Group was created by integrating several companies, all with a strong international vocation and specific industry experience: Gostol, Tecnofryer, Logiudice Forni, Mimac Italia and Mecateck Group. Thanks to its comprehensive range of machinery, the group, headed up by Tecnopool, represents a new global leader in the food processing industry.

A player characterised by its “Total processing vision", meaning integrated and across-the-board solutions in the form of complete lines for all the different preparation phases, for both bakery and food industry goods too, whether industrial or semi-industrial.

Key figures

Over the last forty years of history and innovation, we’ve built more than four thousand machines, with each one telling the story of our company, testifying to our worldwide presence and representing our best reference.

To give you an idea of our vast production range:

  • Spiral and tunnel thermoil ovens
  • Automatic proofing systems (spiral, swings proofer, tray-carrier proofer, step tower proofer)
  • Spiral cooling systems, ambient and air-forced cooling systems with trays
  • Spiral freezers
  • Pasteurizers and spiral steam cooker
  • Product handling lines
  • Industrial and semi-industrial fryers